Monday, 28 November 2016


With good conscience and assurance of God's assistance which faith generates, comes inner peace.

Faith builds and sustains in us the type of peace the world cannot give - Peace with God which remains even in the presence of many problems of life! O God we need peace!


O God arise
May Your kingdom come
Reign in me
Reign in our world
You reign forever

I set my eyes on the mountain
From where shall come my help
My help shall come from the Lord
Who made heaven and earth

He leads me through the mighty waters
He sees to my weaknesses
He sets my feet upon a solid rock
No evil shall befall me

God is a just judge
His justice with mercy ever new
He is faithful even to his enemies
He is love in person

Love is His identity
Mercy His name
He looks on His people with mercy
He answers them even when they go astray

God brings peace
Let peace reign
Reign in our world
Reign in our hearts
Reign in me

O God arise
The world needs You
Now is Your time
Now is Your season

Every heart that beats
Praise God
Every nostrils that breaths
Praise God
Every mouth that speaks
Praise God
Every ears that hears
Praise God

God made the sun
The sun shines for all
It shines and dispels the darkness around
For the good and for the bad
Just for all