Saturday, 26 November 2016

1st Sunday of Advent A : STAY AWAKE

STAY AWAKE is the theme for the 1st Sunday of Advent 2016!
This is a call for all to bear witness to the coming of Christ, the messiah sent by the Father to redeem and save man from sin and destruction.

In this time of great trials and tribulations; of war and terrorism; of moral decadence and a time filled with ignorance in the name of science and technology - a trend which today militate against our believe in God. The Gospel is calling us to stay awake against false beliefs and false trends.
The media, especially the social media has in a big way taken most minds away from reality and many young people today live no longer according to the right dictates of their conscience but according to the dictates and trendings on social media.
Let us watch it, my dear friends and stay awake so that we'll be among the chosen ones wh
en Christ shall come!