Friday, 1 December 2017



The many rejections God has faced in our world today, from both followers and non followers, directly or indirectly gives meaning to our first Sunday of advent's topic - "Tear the heaven O Lord and come down".
Many public places have removed Christ from their existence, Churches have been sold out to pubs and market places, many are yet on the verge of being sold, could it be for lack of members or ministers? God seems to be far away and needs to be felt closely at this time. Isaiah in todays first reading, points to this very fact, when we keep God at a safe distance; when we have refused to acknowledge Gods abiding presence in our world; when we find no place for God in our lives, humanity experience great suffering. We need to have a change of heart and seek to find God deep within us. we need to reject the many distractions of the world and focus on Gods perfect plan for us. Isaiah's  prayer for God to come shows how we really need Him, to make us be aware of His presence in such a way that we may no longer deny Him.

St. Paul in the second reading reminds us of Gods faithfulness and the  impact of His grace keeping us faithful towards Him. We need this grace today, in both teachers/preachers and the people whom God has called.

In the Gospel of Mark we find a very somewhat scary lines of the coming of the master, however, it is not to make us feel scared but to alert us on the need for a constant awareness of Gods plan for us.

"Be on your guard, stay awake!" Advent is a time to stay awake in prayer and active service. It is a time to cleanse ourselves of our many sins; a time to go out and meet Jesus in the needy and the suffering society. A time to show love even while it hurts.

Yes Christmas trees and decorations makes the time joyful and ceremonious but let us not forget the essence of Christmas - the coming of the Messiah!